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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A grass-cutting service in western Tennessee is providing some eye-catching lawn care service.

The women behind the lawn mowers wear nothing but bikinis.

“They honk and yell. They do everything you can imagine,” said grass-cutter Blair Beckman, 21.

Beckman said cutting grass in a bikini beats her former jobs as a waitress and a clerk at a dollar store.

“You get the attention,” she said. “But it’s also good for a tan, which I need.”

They call themselves Tiger Time Lawn Care, and they’ll send the shapely tigers in bikinis for a slightly higher fee than a normal grass cutting.

I submit to you this is why America is such a great country, my friends.  Do you think a piece of absolute genius like this would see the light of day in Iran, North Korea, or China?  Hell no and that is why I am a proud American.

O beautiful, for spacious skies…